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Tech Trends for 2015 - I wish

It's that time of year when pundits predict the coming educational trends and breakthrough technologies for the next twelve months. All very interesting and all rather optimistic. What amounts, for the most part, to wishful thinking.

I am not going to confuse predictions with wishful thinking - I'm just going to go right ahead and wish. Given that I have hoped for most of these things for many years, I am not overly optimistic that 2015 will be the banner year that any come true. But it doesn't stop me from wanting these things for my students, my teachers, my profession, and my society ...

I wish 2015 is the year

  1. Learning objectives will drive technology plans.
  2. Learning objectives will drive the selection of student devices in 1:1 programs rather than brand loyalty, cost. or ease of management.
  3. Teachers got more excited about new learning activities than new apps.
  4. Administrators see technology as operating expense, not capital outlay, when budgeting.
  5. Libraries and student personal technologies are universally recognized as fundamental for all students in an equitable and modern education rather than nice extras.
  6. "Personalized" education is a result of student/teacher collaboration and an open LMS, not a corporate buzzword used to sell overpriced adaptive reading and math programs.
  7. Classroom teachers are given autonomy in the classroom - and be worthy of that trust.
  8. Schools change to meet the needs of our minority population rather than expecting our non-white population to adapt to our traditional methods of education.
  9. The number of mandated tests will begin to decline.
  10.                                               (Intentionally left blank for you to complete.)

In looking for an image to accompany this post, the results of my GoogleImage search showed two distinct attitudes toward wishful thinking: 1) it is a waste of time, possibly even destructive, 2) it leads to accomplishments that otherwise may never happen. Hmmmmm...

I would like to think in my daily activities, I take concrete actions and make conscious decisions to make some of the things in my list above happen. I also recognize that I have a very limited amount of influence over not just what happens in my own district, let alone the state, the nation, or the world.

But hey, what else does one have to do? 

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Reader Comments (2)

1...we stop spending time on tech plans of there is no learning plan.

2. I think this an epidemic like problem in ed tech that needs to be eliminated now. Our communities shouldn't be employing sales people for Google, Apple or Acer that pretend to serve in a leadership role. Everyone needs to be technology agnostic - and provide solutions based on learning objectives.

I like what your wrote about 6...a lot!

Happy New Year

January 1, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterNathan Mielke

Thanks, Nathan. Happy New Year to you as well.


January 2, 2015 | Registered CommenterDoug Johnson

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