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All banner artwork by Brady Johnson, college student and (semi-) starving artist.

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A reason to vote

I am seriously concerned about the outcome of today's election. For the first time in years, my candidates seriously have a chance of winning.

My standard response to most government stupidity for the past eight years has been, "Well, I didn't vote for the idiot."

Now what will I say?

Happy to be home for this historic day.


Why I like the Middle East

RIYADH (Reuters) - First it was camels. Now Saudi Arabia has held its first "beautiful goat" pageant.

It's stumbling across little articles that are one of the great pleasures of traveling abroad.


Institute finished

Survivors of the two-day NESA Librarians Institure, Amman, Jordan, Oct 31-Nov1.


I am sort of sad to have my work with the NESA librarians done. This was a wonderful, thoughtful and very interesting group with which to work. As always, I wonder who learned more - them or me. Thanks to any who may be reading this.

Where does the man who sells the authentic Arabian coffee in the hotel lobby go on break?

Why the Starbucks just down the hall, of course. (I am not making this up.)

How to make your travel pictures more interesting: