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All banner artwork by Brady Johnson, college student and (semi-) starving artist.

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How to tell Doug and Dwayne Johnson apart

Taking my cue from Click and Clack and their "shameless self-promotion" department, some findings from my "reputation monitoring" efforts:

The Blue Skunk was named one of the Top 10 Blogs by ISTE for October. I guess I better renew my membership!

The Skunk was singled out for "Reader Appreciation Week" on the So You Want to Teach blog.

As a result of Steve Dembo's "30 Days to Better Blogging" event, I've been getting very nice emails like this one (not from my mother):

I'm currently participating in the "30 Days to Better Blogging" event that Steve Dembo is doing ( and our Day 3 "activity" is to thank someone who has linked to us in the past. In my case, that someone would be you! It is always thrilling to get a comment or a link in a post, especially from someone with a national readership and reputation like yourself and someone who has so many interesting and insightful things to say. Your blog has a prominent spot in my RSS aggregator and I read it often. I hope to someday actually meet you in person at NECC or elsewhere. Thanks!

I am flattered and humbled by such praise.

I am sometimes the subject of library school papers. I hope who ever chooses (or more likely gets assigned)  me gets extra credit for tackling the task of making a silk purse from a sow's ear. Anywho, here is a creative entry by Earl Edmunds who warns his readers not to confuse me with Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. I can see how such confusion might be common.

Dwayne Johnson

Doug Johnson

Just remember the telling detail that Dwayne has a tattoo and I don't.


A reason to vote

I am seriously concerned about the outcome of today's election. For the first time in years, my candidates seriously have a chance of winning.

My standard response to most government stupidity for the past eight years has been, "Well, I didn't vote for the idiot."

Now what will I say?

Happy to be home for this historic day.


Why I like the Middle East

RIYADH (Reuters) - First it was camels. Now Saudi Arabia has held its first "beautiful goat" pageant.

It's stumbling across little articles that are one of the great pleasures of traveling abroad.