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Librarian's Blues

What happens when you cross Muddy Waters with Marion the Librarian?

From my friend and colleague (but no relation) Keith Johnson up in Bloomington MN -  The Librarian's Blues. Remember, you saw it here first.

Keith is half of the talented Celtic Cat and Prairie Dog duo. One of them is talented and the other one is handsome - I can never remember which is which.

From the angst ridden performer himself...

I first *tried* to sing this song on a live school TV news show at Bloomington Kennedy last spring as I was trying to highlight the issue of getting our books back before the school year ended. I had, of course, practiced learning the very uncomplicated lyrics over and over again . . . how hard is it to rhyme the words books, took, and crook? Well, with the live cameras rolling, the whole school watching, I'm pounding the basic blues beat, and I'm blowing the harmonica . . . and as I start to sing the (uncomplicated) lyrics, I come to the horrifying realization that I have completely and utterly blanked out on the lyrics. In the thick of the panic, I'm not even sure I remembered what the hell the song was about. So I keep playing the basic blues beat, blowing on the harmonica, and praying to the high heavens to please, PLEASE  let me remember the (uncomplicated) lyrics to my own song. . . and I keep playing and playing and blowing and sucking on the harmonica (and getting very winded). I was finally ready to throw in the towel, end the song and admit I'd forgotten the lyrics (which I did mutter at one point in this very long song prelude...), but, the heavens finally did part and the lyrics (those very uncomplicated  ones...) did finally come back to me; most of them, anyway. Librarian's Blues indeed.

Tell your LWW  that I could've used some blonde backup vocals (as she provided at MEMO when I played down there for the vendor's reception...). Maybe we can overdub those later.


Never let it be said that Keith doesn't suffer for his art.

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Guitar and harmonica is a win-win combination. Just check Bob dylan.

July 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIván Coello

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