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Take McLeod's survey anyway

Compare this:

Hear ye! Hear ye!

All education bloggers are hereby invited and encouraged to...

  • complete the short and completely unscientific, but hopefully interesting, education blogosphere survey;
  • forward the URL of said survey to all other known education bloggers to ensure decent representation of the education blogosphere;
  • and publicize said survey URL on their own blogs to foster greater participation in this most noble endeavor.

Survey results received by Sunday, January 14, shall be posted in the town square on Wednesday, January 17.

Those solicited who choose not to participate shalt be labeled both publicly and widely as dastardly scoundrels, notty-pated hedgepigs, or beslubbering, doghearted, maggot-ridden canker-blossoms! (Dangerously Irrelevant, Jan 5, 2007)

To this:

The second annual Education Blogosphere Survey is now open for business! 4 screens. 25 questions. ... Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas for questions and a HUGE THANKS in advance to anyone and everyone who helps publicize this! Deadline = January 26, 11:00pm, (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) (Dangerously Irrelevant, Jan 16, 2008)

Dr. McLeod has been away from Minnesota for only a short few months, and we can visibly see a rapid decline in hissurvey08sm.jpg creativity, humor and persuasive abilities. And the young man held such potential!

I'm giving Scott a pass this year. Moving to Iowa can be quite an adjustment. I took his survey again and urge you, my discriminating readers, to do so as well.

But if McLeod doesn't juice up his call for survey participation next year, I'm not sure if I'll be able to participate.

Despite the risk of being labled a maggot-ridden canker-blossom.


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Reader Comments (1)

Uh, thanks for publicizing the survey (I think). =)

I'll do better next time, Doug!

January 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterScott McLeod

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