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Why the Nook should have a Kindle app and vice versa

I get a great deal of pleasure teasing the clerks at our local Barnes & Noble about whether there is a Kindle app for their new Nook Color. I explain patiently that I would be happy to buy their new device and start buying e-books from B&N, but if I did I would be abandoning the 122 books I have already purchased from Amazon over the past five years. I add that had I started buying e-books from B&N five years ago, I'd now be asking the same question about the new Fire tablet from Amazon - "Does it have a Nook app?"

Happily my iPhone and iPad read both formats (and stuff from Overdrive, ePub, pdf, etc.) To me, it sets the bar for e-book cross platform compatibility. I am guessing the Android tablets and phones work this way as well.

As I understand it from the reviews, the Nook Color 2 and Amazon Fire do allow the use of downloadable Android apps. Both organizations need to remove their heads from their respective ... uh ... holes in the sand and give readers the ability to buy and read from any source.

Am I the only one to whom this makes sense? (And yes, anti-DRM purists, I understand I shouldn't be buying e-books so encoded in the first place.)

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