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SIGMS Forum at ISTE - Get registered today!

ISTE is right around the corner! As announced last February, our SIGMS Forum is shaping up to the be most exciting one ever for attending librarians, administrators and, well, anyone interested in creating the best possible learning opportunities for kids.

This is a ticketed event with a limited room capacity. You snooze, you lose if you don't get registered. Don't say I didn't warn you.

SIGMS Forum: There is No Better Time: A Dawning Era for School Librarian will be a series of six TED-like talks.  Each of talk will be 10-15 minutes in length with a short introduction and a 2 minute response from a pre-selected attendee. There will be some back channeling, tweeting and other annoying stuff you all are so fond of as well.

Each talk centers on the theme of a "dawning era for school librarians and new definitions of our profession" with each speaker offering a unique focus.

Here's the ALL-STAR line up!

Anita Beaman
The E-volution of Books: Ebooks, E-readers and the Future of Reading or, Where Are We Going and Do I Have to Get in That Handbasket?
Buffy Hamilton

Libraries as Communally Constructed Sites of Participatory Learning: Creating Conversations and Connections Through Enchantment

Cathy Jo Nelson
The Blind Leading the Blind:  Be the trailblazer for newbies, veterans and students alike modeling the use of new tools for professional development and student learning.
Gwyneth Jones
Viva La Revolución! Make a daring digital shift for your practice & the community.
Having a web presence, keeping hip with cultural literacy, transliteracy, & building strong personal learning networks is not just an extra burden, but a necessity for the modern teacher librarian. It’s never too late to start...and it’s easier than you might think! Advocate for our profession by embracing change & the digital shift: Don't Hate - Appreciate! Viva la Revolucion!
Shannon Miller

Be the change you want to see: Empowering students with a VOICE in education

These are all practicing librarians who turn theory into reality everyday. They are the new voices of school librarianship -  helping us create a more powerful, more integral (less vulnerable?) place in the lives of our students and our schools.

And they are each wonderful, engaging presenters.

Let's pack the room and rock the joint.

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