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Become a GoogleCalendar PowerUser

Last March, I listed a dozen things a Gmail power user could do. As much as the calendar program in GoogleApps is used in our district, I'm thinking we need a list of "power user skills" for that application now.

How many of these have YOU mastered?

  1. Schedule your life: Create a new calendar event.
  2. I'm so lonesome I could cry: Invite others to meetings, send meeting announcements, and make attendees required or optional.
  3. It's been so much fun, let's do this every week!: Add repeating events to your calendar.
  4. Don't let the world know you are robbing banks: Control the privacy setting of individual events.
  5. I'll have my people get in touch with your people: Give others the power to update your calendar.
  6. Oh, crap! Was that today?: Set reminders of events.
  7. Don't waste bytes: Use notes to create meeting agendas and save minutes.
  8. How's February 2010 for you?: Find free times to schedule meetings among individuals.
  9. Keep track of the kids's sports schedule: Create a new calendar for a specific purpose.
  10. What is your boss REALLY up to?: Viewing others' calendars.
  11. I love the magic triangle: Quick to access calendar settings, turning views off and on.
  12. Oops, forgot to make that one private: Control the default privacy setting of your calendars.

And for the REAL power users:


  1. Show the world your life: Embedding a calendar in a website.
  2. Please find a good time to see me: Using the appointment scheduler.
  3. Sorry, I am away from my desk: Get your calendar on your smartphone
  4. Know when to howl by seeing "phases of the moon": Add "interesting" calendars
  5. Play Dr. Frankenstein: Use Google Calendar Labs gadgets.
  6. Getting others to do your work more efficiently: Find helpful guides for administrative assistants.

Other abilities that should be added?

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