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Don't dis the competition

According to the Department of Education, the average school year is 180 days and the average school day is 6.7 hours. Assuming the projector is on, all but a couple hours for lunch and recess, from the time the children arrive to the ending bell that’s just about 850 hours per school year. Meaning 20,000 hours equals over 23 years.

Ask yourself, as fast as technology changes, am I going to want this projector in 20+ years? - Epson brochure "SOLID STATE LIGHTING: The benefits of traditional lamp technology versus unproven solid state lighting"

Hmmmm, a piece of equipment that lasts too long? That's a new problem.

Epson seems to be sweating the appearance of LED projection systems. And I can see why. My calculations show that the TCO of an LED is about 85% that of a regular projector and that doesn't include electricity saved or maintenance time saved. (See below.)

The point of this is not to extol the virtues of LED projectors. While we have been happy with the one's we've purchased, we still don't really know long they will last. 

But what I do know that when competitors trash each other, I tend to tune out. And I flat out hate it when I know they are lying - and I will NOT buy from a liar.

A salesman recently promoted his video storage service by stating "unlike YouTube, we don't own your movies." That's just not true. (YouTube doesn't own your movies, GoogleApps doesn't own your Docs, CIPA, FERPA, etc. do not ban social media.)

Pitch the value-added features that makes your product worth paying for.

If you can't, sell something else.



LED TOC runs about $85 a year, assuming it has a 10 year life span. ($850 purchase price. 20,000 hour light source.)

LCD TOC runs about $100** a year, assuming it has a 10 year life span.  Purchase price $500 plus $500 lamps. (Lamp life 2,000 hours?. Lamps $100 (180 school days X 6 hours use per day = 1080 x 10 years = 10,800 - 2000 for original lamp) = 8,800 hours of use or 5 lamps.)

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