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10 useful Twitter alerts

Dr. Doug Green shared this helpful use of Twitter:

This is important: a device, masterfully dubbed “Huggies TweetPee,” that attaches to your baby’s derriere, then relays Twitter-like alerts to your smartphone to let you know when it’s diaper change time. Time Tech, May 10, 2013.

Exceptionally useful for today's parents who too often seem more involved in watching their phone than their children. (Criticism intended.)

This made me think that there a lot of things we could pay much less attention to if we knew that a Tweet would alert us to a possible problem. 

  1. Brew-Tweet. Beer getting low and don't want to take your eyes off the game? A low-beer tweet will give your wife plenty of notice to bring you a replacement!
  2. Hard-water Tweet. No sense in going all the way into the basement to see how much softener salt is left. A Tweet will tell you before you hair gets that hard water dullness. Also useful are the litterbox alert, the grass-is-getting-high message, and the you-need-to-change-the-sheets alarm.
  3. Thank-you-reminder-Tweet. A week's gone by since you got that nice birthday card and check from your aunt and uncle. This Tweet helps you remember to get the stamp on the thank-you note. 
  4. Sweet-nothing-Tweet. Attach the sensor to your Significant Other to monitor the level he/she is feeling taken for granted and get a Tweet before counseling is needed.
  5. Waist-line-Tweet. When the belt moves to a new notch, this Tweet nags you about your diet and exercise routine.
  6. Gas-tire-pressure-oil change-Tweets. Why look at your car's dashboard alerts when you can keep you eyes on your phone when driving ?
  7. Dog-needs-to-go-out-Tweet. Once the dog's whine gets to a pre-set decibel level, the tweet will let you know it's time to let him out.
  8. Boss-is-coming-Tweet. Working with a hidden camera and facial recognition software, this Tweet give you plenty of time to switch from reading your Tweets to doing actual work before the boss shows up.
  9. Dust-the-house-and-scrub-the-floor-Tweet. When the dust on a selected surface gets sufficiently deep, a Tweet alert is triggered. Stickiness level of floor sensor is also available.
  10. Call-your-mother-Tweet. Knows when your poor mother hasn't heard from you for over a week. Makes Twitter unaccessible until you and Mom have a a nice long chat.

OK, Blue Skunkers, what other reminders might help make your life just a little easier? Keep your eyes open - and on your phone's screen.


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