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How do you do tech support for 2850 Chromebooks?

This is the first meeting on our HS "Geek Squad" - student tech support for the 1:1 Chromebook project we are beginning next year. These students, as part of "career path" class, are some of those who will be assisting their fellow 2800+ students - and probably more than a few staff - in basic operations, log ins, troubleshooting, and eventually doing minor repairs in the Geek Squad station in the high school media center. We are working with Best Buy to make this work.

If you are a reader of this blog, you know a great deal of spade work has already happened in this project. Wireless infrastructure has been upgraded, a new learning management system has been implemented, piloted, and taught, staff development activities for the coming school year will focus on differentiation, student-centered learning, gradual release of responsibility, and project-based learning. Staff received the same model Chromebook student are getting last spring. And our office has been focusing on the background management of the devices and providing a proxy to our district network to provide filtered access from home. Metrics for plan efficacy have been developed.

The big handout will becoming the end of the month. We anticipate needing to checkout about 200 student devices PER HOUR during orientation and other distribution times. We want students logged in to our network before the take the devices with them. We will be doing common orientation to Chromebook use and classroom expectations in every class in the high school during the first few days.

Thanks to an amazing staff, I anticipate a good start to the year. Will there be bumps and surprises? Of course. But thanks to the Geek Squad and our wonderful student body, we will move forward.

Should be fun!

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Reader Comments (1)

Very impressed! I am interested in your issues, failures and successes as I believe my school is on the path to either offering each students a device or requiring each student to bring a device. We would likely only have about 500 students, and anything I could bring to the discussion would be great!

August 9, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterKenn Gorman

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