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BFTP: Lessons learned from bicycling 

This post was originally written June 25, 2006.  I've shared and updated it a few times, but I needed to review it because Wednesday I am leaving for an 8-day boat and bike trip in the Netherlands. Oh, the joys of retirement - may they never grow old. Pictures, I'm sure, in a couple weeks. The computer is staying home.

Your author just a few short years ago...

Some Lessons Learned from Bicycling:

Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia. H.G. Wells

  1. Balance is a good thing.
  2. It's usually uphill and against the wind. (Murphy's Law of Bicycling)
  3. Most big hills that look impossible are usually a series of small hills that are possible.
  4. I've never met a hill I couldn't walk up.
  5. It's better to shift to a lower gear than to stop altogether.
  6. Sometimes it's nice to be able to have equipment to blame things on.
  7. You really can't make your own weather.
  8. Coasting feels good, but you don't get much exercise doing it.
  9. A beer at the end of a long day of riding tastes better than a beer when just sitting around (or at breakfast, I'm guessing).
  10. Don't drink at lunch time and expect to enjoy the afternoon.
  11. Bike helmets are a sure sign that natural selection is still a force of nature.
  12. The few minutes putting air in your tires at the beginning of the day is time well spent.
  13. There will always be riders who are faster than you and riders who are slower than you.
  14. Watching old(er) people zip by you should be encouraging, not discouraging.
  15. Too often we quit because our spirit fails, not our legs or lungs.
  16. Spouses (or entire families) who dress alike should not expect the rest of us to consider them normal.
  17. Too much padding between you and a bike seat is impossible.
  18. The happiest people are the ones who consider life a ride, not a race.
  19. The more expensive the bike and clothing, the higher the expectations others have of your performance.
  20. The 500 calories burnt exercising do not compensate for the 2000 calories from beer drunk celebrating your accomplishment.
  21. Everyone can look buxom on a bicycle - even guys.
  22. You always feel the headwind, but never the tailwind. But it's there.
  23. Most forms of travel involve some degree of discomfort. But keep moving anyway.
  24. Cows always have the right of way.
  25. You eventually dry out even after the biggest downpour.
  26. Don't text and bike.
  27. Always be on the look out for idiots. (See number 26.)
  28. Be grateful for the ability to create sore muscles.
  29. New places look better from a bicycle seat than from the window of a tour bus.
  30. The office will do just fine without you while you are on your bike.
  31. Keep your car keys in a zippered pocket.

And your observations, fellow bicyclists?

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Reader Comments (1)

Hi Sabnam,

I found people all over the world cycle. For many if not most, it is transportation rather than sport, but everyone cycles!


May 14, 2019 | Registered CommenterDoug Johnson

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